YSY Therapy is a revolutionary healing procedure invented by Dr. Yong Shu Yang. It integrates the theories of Western and Chinese medicine in an innovative approach to health science.

YSY Therapy has proved effective in promoting health, preventing disease and curing illnesses. Its holistic and natural approach addresses one's physical, psychological and spiritual conditions . It treats a person as a whole while concentrating on the root cause of illnesses as well as symptoms.  

YSY Therapy regulates blood and energy circulation along one's meridians, which are energy pathways in human body, in harmony with the condition of a person's internal organs and the external environment. Its practitioners use their bare hands, with varying intensity, to manipulate and unblock meridians, purge toxins and invigorate blood and energy flow.

Unlike other types of medical practices, YSY Therapy requires no medication or medical instruments. And, since each YSY Therapy session lasts only minutes, it is ideal for people in a fast-paced culture who seek effective and efficient remedies to achieve optimal wellbeing.

YSY Therapy appeals to people who:

  • Are interested in promoting wellness by increasing energy, boosting metabolic rate, strengthening immunity, and coping with stress
  • Believe that body, mind and spirit need to work together to
    maintain wellness
  • Have been misdiagnosed or undiagnosed by conventional medicine
  • Are dissatisfied with past treatment outcomes
  • Seek a new approach for an old problem that conventional medicine cannot seem to solve
  • Are afflicted with a chronic condition and want to play a more active role in care control
  • Are unable to spend long hours waiting in conventional medical facilities to obtain care
  • Are curious about the interpretation of their conditions from a Traditional Chinese Medical perspective



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