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Yin-Yang Theory

The most fundamental concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the Yin and Yang theory. Yin and Yang are two aspects of matter. All things in the universe are formed by Yin and Yang. All phenomena result from the interaction of Yin and Yang. Any Yin or Yang aspect can be further divided into Yin and Yang that mutually create each other, control each other, and transform into each other.   Yin and Yang are divisible but inseparable. There are no absolutes: nothing is either all Yin or all Yang, but a balance between the two forces. Without Yin, there would be no Yang, and without Yang, there would be no Yin. Yang is generally associated with matters that are bright, warm, and active. Yin is generally associated with objects that are dark, cold, and passive.

YSY Therapy applies Yin and Yang theory to restore the balance of one's energy environment in harmony with the natural environment. Yin provides nutrition for the internal organs. Yang protects the exterior of the body from pathogenic attacks. Illnesses arise when there is an imbalance between Yin and Yang energy in the body. YSY Therapy helps to restore the balance so that the body can adapt to changes in the environment.




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