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Meridian System

The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine , the earliest Chinese medical text, states that the meridian system is the most fundamental system of the human body because it circulates and transmits Qi, or energy. YSY Therapy interprets the meridian system as equivalent to the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and lymphatic system in Western medicine.  

The meridian system is comprised of 12 regular meridians, 8 extra channels, 15 collaterals, and other channels. Meridians are the energy pathways in the body that affect one's inner harmony. Their functions are:

• Transporting Qi and blood

• Transmitting sensations

• Resisting pathogens and reflecting symptoms

• Regulating Yin and Yang

• Regulating deficient and excess conditions

Blocked meridians indicate the presence of physical ailments. YSY Therapy
helps detoxify and clear meridians to maintain healthy equilibrium.



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