Dr. Yong Shu Yang

The inventor of YSY Therapy, Dr. Yong Shu Yang is among a handful of scientists who have extensive training and experience in both Western and Chinese medicine. Upon her graduation from China's Fourth Military Medical University in 1965, Dr. Yang practiced general surgery and gained extensive clinical and research experience. However, during her 15 years of clinical practice, Dr. Yang encountered many patients with health problems that Western medicine could not effectively solve. With a deep commitment to providing patients with the most effective treatments with the fewest side effects, Dr. Yang decided to probe Traditional Chinese Medicine for answers. She then obtained advanced degrees in Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and massage from Hunan Chinese Medical University.   In addition, she integrated her lifelong study of Qi Gong (energy manipulation) into her research and practice of Chinese Medicine.

Combining her Western medical training and knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and pathology, with training and knowledge of meridians, the Yin and Yang theory, the law of Five Elements, acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping, Dr. Yang invented a set of therapeutic hand manipulations to treat patients.   After successfully treating over 200,000 patients by the mid-1980s, she named her revolutionary healing procedure YSY Therapy.   YSY Therapy was awarded the Most Significant Scientific Invention by the Chinese Ministry of Health in 1988. Mr. Yueli Cui, China's former Health minister, praised Dr. Yang as a pioneer in the integration of Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Yang is a prolific writer of scientific articles and books.   Her teaching affiliations have included Henan Chinese Medical University, Shanghai Medical University, and Bethune Medical University in China. She has lectured in Asia, North America and Europe. She served on the board of China's Invention Association from 1990 to 1993. She was included in the book China's Most Famous Doctors in the 20 th Century. Since YSY Therapy is highly effective in treating sports injuries, Dr. Yang served as the team doctor for the women's national soccer team of China and the Asian Basketball Association during the 1990s.  

In 1990, Dr. Yang established Yang's Natural Healing Clinic and YSY Therapy Research Institute in Zhuhai, China. Yang's Clinic receives over 100,000
admissions annually. A growing number of doctors in China incorporate YSY Therapy into their practices. Since 1994, Dr. Yang has done studies comparing the responses of Eastern and Western patients to YSY Therapy in Houston, Texas. YSY Therapy Research Institute has conducted research with world-class medical facilities such as M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Texas Heart Institute. Reports of her medical achievements have been featured on the BBC, CCTV, KPST TV San Francisco and PBS Houston, and in newspapers such as China Daily , World Journal in the United States, and Wen Hui Newspaper
in Hong Kong.



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